Boveda X Novicefarmervt

Like most great things this relationship happened totally organically. I noticed there was a lot of talk on the inter webs about Boveda and how it can negatively effect your harvest . I had used Boveda for a long time but never as a grower so this spurred me to do a deep dive on anything and everything in the world of humidity packs.

I was quickly led to Integra  where they gave me the ultimate scare tactic , BOVEDA WILL PUT SALT IN YOUR WEED. Like any concerned citizen I asked for some evidence and never heard back from them. I turned my search to forums and read the information Boveda put out and pretty quickly determined Boveda has been put through the ringer . The amount of testing done on that product is staggering and based on my experience think they are the best choice . 

That being said if you beg to differ shoot me an email and would be happy to learn about how you cure and store your cannabis ! 

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