How to Care For A Young Marijuana Plant


Step By Step Guide To The First Few Weeks of Growing Mary Jane  

1- If you feel any moisture at all do not water it

My most common mistake when I first started growing weed was over watering. It is OK to let the plant get mostly dry.

2- Be careful not to knock over the plant 

You can lose your seedling for a number of reasons ,lets not be one of them! They are very fragile in this stage so just keep that in mind.

3- The plant only needs to be fed PH balanced water .

There is no need to experiment with nutrients early on , Wait until the plant is a few weeks in and then start introducing nutrients.

4- Once it has developed a few sets of leaves and the stem thickens up its ready for graduation.

The plant should still be pretty small at this point but you will be able to tell it is starting to look more like a weed plant .

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