How To Manage  Flowering Cannabis


So we have made it through veg and were ready to flip into veg. Its an exciting time because were going to finally start seeing some marijuana buds form. The light I use to flower is the Scynce LED Dragon XL600 and is a full spectrum led light. So far the light is preforming very well and its giving my plants adequate light during flowering. 

You can learn more about Scynce here

A huge part of this is the light so if were flowering under low wattage lights we may not see the biggest fullest buds. To try and help support the plant we want to make sure in our nutrient plan we are giving adequate amounts of  Phosphorus and potassium. The plant still needs some nitrogen but the amount goes way down .

The best thing to do is stick to your nutrient guides feeding schedule to make sure your giving the right nutrients at the right time. 


Most of the training takes place in veg but here are a few techniques you can use during flowering .

1-Defoliating- this is when you remove bigger fan leaves. especially if they are covering bud sites. There is a fine line with this and its important to not go to crazy with this method. .

2-Tying off - another great way to improve your buds is to use bread ties to spread out the branches and  allow for more airflow between the buds 


side note- be sure to pot up before flowering if you have been in that pot for a month or 2 !