Origins: Ammo ++ x Black Domina x Killing Garberville x Seattle Big Bud x Mendocino Hash Plant Difficulty : medium Yield : medium-high Flowering : 9-10 weeks 


Relaxed 10

Happy    9

elated     9

Sleepy    8

Hungry   8

The HD Ghost Bullet has a heavy effect and is perfect, if your number one goal is surrender.

With its peak density and an almost 70/30 mix of sativa and indica, it derives its legacy from the American West Coast marijuana, mixing strains from the sweet areas of Northern California with those from the more peaceful and humid North Pacific western with the strong contribution of AMMO with its powerful secret hybrid notes that compose it.

Heavy duty Ammo can be grown indoors or outdoors, but is particularly recommended for the hydroponic gardener. 
The heavy fruity moisture of this heavyweight performer will fill the grow room and surrounding areas with an incredible smell if it is not properly controlled. 
The peaks reach monstrous dimensions with a constant diet and a high EC. 
They can also provide excellent yields from outdoor plants, which will be ready in the last half of October, when grown in Europe. 

This variety is a large plant to be pinned, creating more branches to collect dense and heavy buds. 
The leaves are not always the classic seven points and some phenotypes eventually change color from green to purple. 
The pungent odor of the fruit penetrates the air and fills the senses making ozone generators or another method of air cleaning essential.

The effect depends on the harvest time. For those who prefer a euphoric psychic stone, we recommend an early harvest if instead you prefer a narcotic effect sedative analgesic clasping the sofa we recommend a late harvest. 
Expect impressive chemical families, which makes this a good medical treatment for loss of appetite, stress, depression, chronic pain ...

The buds present brilliant greens with purple reflections and phosphorescent orange hairs glazed with trichomes like snow