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What should the temperature of the grow room be ?

How often do you water your  plant ?

When you first start off growing try to shoot for that 78 degrees and try to keep temperature difference between day and night within 10 degrees.During the veg cycle your room can be 5 or so degrees hotter no problem. Along with Temperature shoot for a humidity of around 60 ish during veg and 45ish during flower.

This is a fun one ! And was very tricky for me to learn. If you put your finger in the dirt and you think it may still be wet give it another day.When your plants are thirsty they will get very droopy. If you see that and the soil is dry give it a good water until you get some runoff.The plant will bounce back in a few hours and is one of the most amazing things about growing cannabis!

This is the start of a pretty sick journey.Take lots of notes and take a ton of pictures because when you become a #expertfarmer you will want to be able to look back to see how far you have come . .Explore the site to learn more about the basics of growing marijuana. is meant to be used as a resource for all new growers.Hopefully we can both learn together and change our titles from Novice Farmers to Expert Grower!

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