Ac infinity grow tent fans first impressions

We all can agree that it is thee best looking fan on the market. I’m chomping at the bits to finish off the flower tent with another fan and carbon filter.I can’t help but love the looks and comment on them because let’s face it we want our tents to Look good too.

Along with the Cloudline T6 fan it came with a temp and humidity controler. One of the main selling point is how quiet the fan is so I wanted to make sure to use their ducting ,worthy upgrade for sure.check out the graph below for the initial data from Pulse.

in the veg tent the conditions are a bit easier with only 250 watts.With that tent there is an intake fan running 24/7 and an exhaust fan that kicks on at 75 degrees.The chart above has a MUCH more stable “Curve“ and am looking foreword to updating everyone next week.

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