April Member Spotlight : @jesters_grow

thanks for stopping by , couldnt be more punped you found and hope you find the tips and tricks on here helpful. Especially for all you novice farmers out there.

This is the first member spotlight and is picked by random.This month were rocking and rolling with @jesters_grow

From the grower:

Breeder: Dutch Passion

Strain: Think Different

Lineage: AK420 x Ruderalis

Sativa Dominant

Flowering Time: 12 weeks

Grown Indoors

300 watt led

Soil Used: Fox Farm Ocean Forrest

Nutes: Down to Earth Bio Live, CalMag, Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses.

This is my fourth grow I have ever done. I just got serious about it here in the last few years. After hours and hours of research I think I'm starting to get the hang of this addicting hobby. I have only grown autos so far. I grow in a cab that I built myself and it works really good. This grow in particular was one of my easiest yet. It did not give me any issues. I used only dry amendments this grow. I feel it makes it easier to control how much you feed and ph control.

I did some LST to try and get the bud sites nice and even as well. I went with Dutch Passion as their strains has always treated me well and Think Different was one that was on my list. I am looking to grow a photoperiod strain next but still deciding on the strain. I want to thank @novicefarmervt for the member spotlight! Stay Lifted! - jesters_grow

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