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Big shoutout to Aptus Plant Tech. I was scrolling through Instagram last week and stumbled upon the hobbit hole. I’ve been seeing these orange bottles on his feed for a while and he was posting about ecozen. Its an enzyme product that helps break down organic matter . I’m going to compare it to cannazyme and slf100! This is really all I was expecting b it they also sent some Fasilitor!!

So this whitcraft in a bottle would solace power si . I’ve hella enjoyed using the product but the smell is bad enough to the point my fiancé has asked me to not use it.Ive been using it for a good while now and never grow without it so I’m curious to see what this does.It passes the smell test so it may be my new silica product! Going to run it side by side with power si.

Finally we have Bloomboost. This is going to be a direct replacement for canna boost.pretty excited , super thankful for the team over at Aptus. One thing that kinda stood out was what it says on the back of all the bottles .

Education-our primary goal is to educate you on how nature maximizes plants genetic potential. With this education you can make the best informed decisions about what nutrition your plants receive.

Quality- Aptus nutrition products are sourced from High-Grade ingredients and assembled using good manufacturing practice (gmp), this is the highest level of quality you will find anywhere.

Value- every plant technology we develop is highly concentrated and used minimal packaging. This allows us to pack more value into every bottle and lower production cost.

So far I’ve been loving the canna line but I think this is going to give it a run for it’s money! stay tuned for updates.

If you are not following him already hit this link and check his page out!!

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