Are Boveda Packs Messing With My Weed?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

I recently posted a photo with Boveda 58's and it got a lot of attention. I started hearing that they ruined peopled weed. That it robbed me of my terps ! Even heard that it added salts to your bud. I had done a little research on Boveda in the past but all these allegations made me want to do some more digging.

First thing I did was google search "bad experience with Boveda packs and my weed "

This led me to the forums where I saw all the claims I mentioned above and also some people defending them . So I did what any data lover does, Search for credible info. I was able to find a paper on Boveda and terpene preservation and it showed to be about 15% better then just in a jar alone. meaning 15% less terpene loss.

link to study

When you use Boveda packs and you dont get blasted in the face with a pungent aroma its because the terps stay in the bud as opposed to being volatile and escaping into the air.Hope that makes sense So now onto the salts myth.

Integra goes after the Salts in Boveda because what else can they say? I wouldn't be surprised if it was them who popularized this idea but thats not important.What is important is that these things do work. Boveda has put this product through the ringer and if your still doubting then reach out to them and ask questions. Question everything. I want everyone to start asking why and stop believing everything you see on the internet. the more you ask the more you know so I encourage everyone to start blocking fake news with the power of data !

Don't take my word for it . Try it, And then tell me what you thought preformed better .

Link to someone who broke it down in more detail

Integras how it works page

First harvest . Boveda 58's came in with the assist on this cure

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