Budget Led

First impressions : bad ass

few weeks in: puppies have power

I have to admit I Should have started the plants under it at 50% because I May have shocked the plants I initially put under them. If you go to budget grow lights website and check out the full spec boards, each one is good for about 120 watts. I was super impressed with the quality of light. I’m A long ways from a lighting expert but the feedback I got from some lighting nerds was that they used some serious good components.

Right now I’m running it 24/7 and have 2 plants under the budget led grow lights. Don’t let the name fool you these are great grow lights And nothing budget about them other then the price.One the plants under the light is a little hurting , but the other is praying and as happy as can be.going to have some clones soon of some masonic smoker Compton landrace and will be flowering them out under these boards.

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