Can I Use Vinegar To Lower The ph Of My Water ?

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

This blog is going to be updated throughout the day as I do some experiments today ! Happy growing and stay tuned !

There are growers using all sorts of natural products to manage the ph of their grows. I have gotten enough info to be able to include a little blurb at the end with additional information I learned.

Lets start with why we need to control ph when growing cannabis.

The long and the short of it is the plant can only process the nutrients in the soil when it is within a certain ph range. I always say try to have it look like healthy urine. We also want to make sure the ph is not fluctuating because that can also cause your plant issues.

General Hydroponics chart

If you are reading this you are probably interested in learning how to lower the ph of your water a more natural way.

For this first experiment I am going to:

1) ph down my tap water to the ideal range using 3 products .

2)I am going to measure how many ML of each solution it took to ph down 1 gallon of water.

3) retest in 24 hours to see which is more stable

Apple cider ,red whine , and ph down to be used as ph down.

Feel free to try this at home for yourself to , Its a fun cannabis experiment.

Starting Sample-source : Tap PPM 97 ph 7.5-8

My starting sample of water

Test 1- Gneral Hydroponics ph down. It took 1ml of the solution to bring the ph down to 6-6.5.

General hyroponics sample

24 hours later

Test 2) Apple Cider Vinegar To Lower The Ph of Water. It took 5.5 ml to get to the right range.

Apple cider Vinegar Sample

Apple cider Vinegar Water 24 hours later

Test 3- Using Red Wine Vinegar To Lower ph of your water. It took 5ml of vinegar to lower the ph into the proper range..

Red Wine Vinegar Sample

24 hours later

So there we have it , You can 100% use vinegar and alt sources to lower ph of your water. In my research I didn't find any reasons not to use these products. I would not recommend red wine vinegar. I have plenty to test on this subject so will continue to update this post as i learn more.

Enjoy this extra bit of info from an expert farmer that goes by @jotaherb. .

So I go to @jotaherb from time to time when I have something that stumps me or I need some sound advice. He is very data driven so any advice get from him i find very valuable.

With that being said he recommended I try lemon juice . I normally have a sack of lemons on the table but today I didn't otherwise we would have 4 samples. if anyone at home wants to run the experiment with lemon juice let me know !

(most pictures you see like this go directly to amazon )

In addition to that if you are having consistently high ph runoff you can amend the soil with coffee grounds at a rate of half a tablespoon per gallon of soil ! ! Another recommendation was to amend the soil with Coast of Maine Super Soil, Stonington Blend

If you have anything to add please drop it in the comments !


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