Citrus Farmer outdoor run - Dungeon Vault Genetics

If you havent already go check out the first review for citrus farmer. It was a different pheno and ran indoors

Now back to this quick review.The bud does not look as nice or smell as strong but it still will get the job done. I’m actually surprised how dense the nugs are. The smell is not as dank or pungent as the indoor version.The grower wanted to take the plant another 2-3 weeks but when growing outdoors you can’t always have a perfect environment.

Dungeon Vault Genetics is a relatively new grower on the scene but people are generally happy with the gear. So far my favorite from him is the crushed berries!

We threw some into the rosin press newyork 10 ton press and was able to squeak out 15% yields of some super sappy citrusy/lemony smelling rosin


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