Compton landrace 2 days shy of 9 weeks into flower

Masonic Smoker doing his thing with this one. It always seemed to want to be a purple plant but in the past few days it’s really started to fade. We have all heard that if you drop temps at the end it helps the plant turn purple, but I guess we should ask if that’s a good thing? What else can you do to end up with colorful weed? And does the lighting matter if I want to grow purple weed? All questions I’m sure ran through your head.

There is this thing called the Autumn Color Effect. If you cut nitrogen early enough and let your plants go through the second half of flowering without giving it any substantial nitrogen by the end of harvest your plants should start to fade. If you are still feeding nitrogen towards the end your not going to get much of a fade.

Depending on the genetics it may fade to a nice deep purple color or may just fade yellow.

Here are some shots of the Compton landrace

The tropicanna runs strong in this one. From mid flower there was a lot of purple popping but I noticed something pretty crazy. There was a cola that was not in direct light And compared to the one next to it it had no color to it. cola to the left had glimpses of purple all over the buds , but the one off to the right was regular old green weed. The image below is the nug that was off to the side. This picture was a few weeks ago.

And then here is a bud directly under the scynce xl600 and as you can see there’s tons of color.

so light matters but what aspect of it does? that’s an intermediate farmer question so you will have to venture off to google for that one.

A huge factor is genetics. There’s weed that grows purple buds no matter what so if your goal is to grow purps and you don’t care about anything else just do a bit of research and pick the right straindivar.

So then we have the technique Of dropping temps.I’ve seen that trigger some almost overnight changes in the way the plants look.If you have made it this far into the blog check the 2 links below to dive deeper down the rabbit hole Of purple weed.

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