Dont have to go home, but ya cant stay here!

Today I finally decided it was time to start culling the males from the flock. Parting as they say is such sweet sorrow. As my first grow I was very much vested in this project. Sure, I've planted a few roses and other small things around the house for the wife over the years, but this was different for me. This was my project that I had control over all the variables; light, temp, humidity, air flow/circulation, etc. The success or failure of my tent garden was all on me.

I knew that planting regs was a roll of the dice as to what sprouts (even read where certain environmental factors can cause herms). Still though, I found it difficult to take three of my thriving plants and chop them down. They have all done so well over the past weeks as I learn and tried out a few of the different techniques I have read about. All bouncing right back from whatever I did, from topping to pruning to LST...

I have three remaining: one certain female, one that has shown no signs yet, and one that I fear is going to show some "balls" in the next few days. In a sence, I have been very lucky with my first grow as it has went so well and plants look so good, however, as the saying goes, smooth seas does not make skillful sailors.

Until next time....

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