Easy Places To Optimize Your Grow Room

Every grow is faced with its own unique set of challenges. In my opinion the easiest thing to work on is the environment so early on I started tracking data about the environment to better understand what I was working with. I realized pretty quickly just looking at the high and the low for the day was just about as accurate as my sticking my head out the front door to figure out how warm I need to dress.

Once I started using a grow room monitor it was like stepping into the light . I was able to see how things like the lights coming on effects the environment . Such a simple thing but I never thought about that until I saw it on the graph.

Seems crazy simple, Hot light comes on and moisture dissipates but until I saw it on a curve it was not something I thought about . I decided to put together a quick post and run through a few ways I optimize my grow room environment.

Temperature - I see a ton of people only running 1 fan for either the exhaust or intake but I have one for each . I use the exhaust in situations where the grow room temp reaches around 77 degrees. Once that happens the exhaust kicks on and helps get rid of some of the heat !

Brought to you by the Pulse sensor

Here are 3 problems and what I did to solve them. There are more ideal ways of achieving the same results but with the equipment I have on hand this is how I have been able to manage the environment. Key word there is manage , My next project is working on controlling the environment.

Humidity is too high in the grow tent - In the summer i was running into some higher humidity situations . To remedy that I hooked up my exhaust fan to a controller that turned the fan on when the humidity hit a set amount. That would quickly drop the relative humidity to a reasonable range and save my plants from a mold situation ! I use one made by Inkbird.

Grow room is too hot - Drop the temperature of the room the grow tent is in. In the summer that meant running air conditioning 24/7.If you are in a grow room your options are down to exhausting the heat or introducing air conditioning.

Pest Control - Often overlooked but if you have to give your plants a treatment of pesticides to treat a problem that means your skipping the nutrients for that week and if you have an ongoing issue its just going to hinder your plants.Simple solution here but even if you do not have a pest issue it does not hurt to treat the outside of your grow tent with some essential oils. Also making sure to let the soil dry out before watering helps reduce the chance of breeding fungus gnats.Screens on all openings of the grow tent to prevent bugs from getting in is also a quick thing you can do to help .

It is insane how much dust these filters pick up .

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