Feed: Chem girls plus one

I’ve got 3 chem crosses and a pk thunder cross going in solo cups .We are fairly early into their Life but they are already giving me problems lol.

I have not figured out the whole solo cup grow thing yet , I look at other weed pages on Instagram like @leftcoast_autos and am just amazed. His last run was killer , check it out !

Anyway , they are in solo cups and 2 are solid and 2 seeds showing signs of nitrogen deficiency.

These plants are ready for a feeding so I’m going to mix up roots organics week 3ish . I’m going to mix it up a little lighter and hit the 2 girls in the front and then bring it up to the normal dose for the ones in the back and see how things go! Ph is going to be 6.5 and Ppms right around 650 ....that’s the goal at least

Check out the training I’ve done so far , a little topping and fimming and that’s about it ! Check back soon for more garden updates.


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