First Squishing Experience With The Rosin Press NY 10 ton

When I first got the press delivered I was a little surprised by how heavy it was. It was packaged up extremely well,, Not like it would have mattered if it got dinged . This thing is put together very well. Once I got it out of the foam it was encased in I got it up on my counter and as advertised was pressing out of the box.

I had a nug from my last harvest and was ready to break in the press. I was a little nervous , I had done quite a bit of pressing on a diy set up and now that I had the real thing I felt like I was pressing with the big boys lol! It was a little difficult to line up the parchment paper on that first press but it was still a success . I went in and in no time I had some fresh pressed moose tracks. The strain is girl scout cookies (thin mint cut ) x triple og and upon initial pressing you could really smell and taste that triple og. If your looking for a good kush strain to squish I would highly recommend it. An interesting thing to note is after a 30 day cold cure the kush notes became way more floral and the oil stayed relatively stable.

The most surprising thing so far is how easy it was to squish bubble hash. I was expecting a lackluster yield on my first attempt but the amount of oil that came out was insane! My only regret is not pressing at a lower temp. We ended up with very sappy material and I had to use the collection plate to get it all up.

Were getting close to harvest and will have some new nugs to press but in the mean time I'm offering affordable rosin pressing services geared towards home growers. If you are in the Burlington Vermont area and looking for a rosin press to use drop me a line and we can set something up.

Im excited to go from novice farmer to novice squishier. Ive got some terpy strains on deck and a little something from masonic seeds that may or may not have some of that Guava in it. Wish I got some of that motor mouth but I guess this will have to do

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