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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

After much reading and acquiring supplies, I started my first grow on 7 Dec. To summarize the last three weeks, I chose 6 seeds (regs) from two different strains. I did a 20 min soak in 100% URB followed by 24hr soak in a few shot glasses. Lesson learned here was to keep water temp up (btwn 70F - 90F). I was lucky if mine was between 65-70. It just took longer than expected to pop the seeds. Five of the six did well. One died from presumably over-watering just after it broke the surface. I replanted a new seed so that i would still have six plants.

The first two weeks i had planned on distilled water with URB and Fish Sh!t. Into the first week/start of week 2, I noticed "nute burn" on the tip of one of the seedlings. After a little more reading, Fish Sh!t aides in nutrient up-take. As I am growing using Fox Farm Ocean Forest as part of my soil (50/50 mix of FFOF and FF Salamander), I assumed the burn was from the up-take of the nutes in the soil to quickly for the seedling. Coincidentally it was the only one to suffer, but to play it safe, I immediately made a new gallon of water with only URB mixed in. The one with nute burn made a great recovery as it was only the first two leaves to burn.

Yesterday, 2 Jan, was the end of week three for 3 of the 6. These three had 4 nodes and was starting the 5th so I decided it was time to top them. This morning, 3 Jan, all look happy and healthy with no adverse reactions noted so far.

Now that I have started this, I plan on trying to make regular entries to get help/help the community.

Side note: In addition, I also have beans, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, and a variety of herbs planted as well.

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