Growing Cannabis 12/12 From Seed

What I learned In the Past 3 months of growing using this method .

Going to try to keep this short and sweet and to the point . This blog post is going to go over how to grow 12/12 from seed . I recommend anyone doing this method to go 3 weeks on a normal light schedule before flipping to flower but it is not needed for this to work.

it took around 80 days from seed to harvest and yielded around 26 grams

A Few Benefits From Growing 12/12 From Seed

1) Quicker Harvest , doing this method can cut 30-90 days off a grow cycle depending on how long you were vegging your plants.

2)Strain hunting - you can try multiple strains and find out what you like

3) breeding purposes - pheno hunts are when you pop a bunch of the same plant and look for the best 2 for breeding

Step 1 - Set up your grow tent ! If you haven't gotten that far yet then check out my blog post on how to set up a grow tent ! Keep in mind the container size will have an impact on the size of the plant . The bigger the pot the bigger the plant !

Now that your grow tent is set up lets move

Step 2-plant your seed make sure to stay on top of any issues that pop up in the first week of its life. Once you have 2-3 nodes you will be ready to start training.

From my experimenting I found that the plants that were trained excessively took longer to flower so the more training you do the longer it will take it to flower. Super important to keep in mind when doing the 12/12 from seed grow method.

Step 3- Once your first few nodes pop up you can do things like bend the leaved down, or use twist ties to train the plant. The only thing I was really doing at this point was bending but once you get to your 4th or 5th node you will want to top your plant .

step 4 - It starts getting pretty lose here and the plant is going to tell you when to stop training. I do not have the most info to give here but what I can say is keep on training until the plant starts to sex . Once it sexes I backed off on all training and just let the plant do its thing

I think its important to keep in mind smaller plant so smaller nutrient needs . The full recipes may be a little strong if you have a tiny plant ! Things can also go wrong quick so make sure the ph stays perfect and you measure your nutrients to a T ! Below you will find some successes and some failures from my latest 12/12 from seed run.

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