How to Calibrate The Boveda Butler

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I recently got a Boveda butler to assist with the cure process . Its a neat little gadget that stores data about curing conditions. Mainly temperature and humidity. The product was intended for the cigar world but some peoples stashes are worth a pretty penny and its worth it to have something watching over it.For any type of device like this to be accurate and useful its got to be calibrated so that was the first thing I did . Check out this video for a quick start guide , I couldn't put something together that makes it any easier so if your trying to figure out how to calibrate your Boveda butler check this out.

It took a couple of days for the device to calibrate.I did the 2 step calibration which required the Boveda butler to sit in 2 different bags for about 24 hours each. You can see below the data it had started to collect. Now that I went through the calibration process I feel confident that my stash is being watched over and that I will be able to replicate cure results. I track a ton of data so If I end up with a bud that knocks my socks off I want to know what I did to get there so i can do it again. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new Boveda butler.

September 2019 update: after having this device for a little while i figured I would make a quick update.After a few months I started losing connection and it was causing some gaps in the data. After replacing the batteries things were good to go, but just wanted to stress the importance of that! Other then that it’s a great inexpensive device to minter your buds! Learn more about them In the link below.

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