How to treat for aphids, thrips , and spider mites | Scroopy Bud VT Treatment Plan

In this post we’re going to attempt to get rid of @scroopybudvt’s aphid problem.

Let me start of by saying when you have an infestation of you have multiple tents work on the tent with the infestation last. You don’t want to have your hands all over the infested plant and then go prune your clean tent. Your likely to transfer some had bugs to the other parts of your grow.

So yesterday I saw on Scroops feed he was dealing with an aphid infestation. I hit him up and the next day he came by to pick up some liquid warfare!

(manufacturer recommendations, could be weakened)


(Foliar) 1-2 ounces with gallon 7-10 days before next treatment.

Soil drench - .5 to an ounce with water

Monterey on plant - (Foliar) 4 tablespoons of product per gallon

Dr. B - (basically insecticide soap) add 1 teaspoon of Dr. B, add .5 teaspoon of Cayenne, for a quart of water. Spray directly on aphids, careful not to burn leaves.

I figured I would give him all 3 and have him stay with an azamax soil drench and foliar spray.

In A few days as long as the plants are not responding negatively hit it with Monterey.

And then after a few more days dr.bronners as a foliar.

Scroopy is 1 week into flower so wanting to use the hard stuff first. If after the last dr bronners treatment were still suffering hit it again with azamax.

drop a comment if the plan is doomed for failure.

Another thing that can be done is research on the ideal envorment for aphids and make sure you are not making it easy for them to thrive.

Novice Farmer Vt Tip: In the summer time watch out where you walk! If you brush up against an infested plant on the street you can very easily bring home a pest problem or powdery mildew! If you have been working in the outdoor garden or hanging out at the grow shop be sure to change before going ham in the garden. Also don’t bring your dog to the grow shop!

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