I found a leaf growing out of the stem of my weed plant

Not really sure how else to describe it. At first I thought the plant was showing male sex parts but after letting it go a little longer It was 100% a leaf growing.

you can find pictures on my Instagram @novicefarmervt

I have some lighting updates for the grow! I started using budget grow lights. They are a new company out of Michigan who has a full spec board. Budget grow lights are a pretty high end led for a super fair price. They really Care about the led lights they make! Check them out. I’ll be growing out a couple plants in a 4x2 grow tent with them. In total it’s about 240 watts.

Pheno hunt update: The plant im talking about in the start of the post is from Masonic seeds. The strain or “strandivar” is Compton landrace. If you were to ask masonic the lineage he would tell you that it is a Compton landrace strain cultivated in the heart of Compton. So far I’m super happy with Masonic smoker gear. It’s super hard to complain when it’s the biggest plant in the tent.

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