Lucas formula - Novice Farmer Vt style

So this will be a quick write up on the modified Lucas formula I’ve been running . The method was invented by grow god Lucas (shooting By the hip on that one) .

But whoever it was we should all give them a round of applause .I run led lights so theres a pretty big cal mag demand . With that being said my Lucas formula base is

6ml micro

9ml bloom

3-5ml cal mag

(initial ratio Given by Alex over at Green State Gardener and also the person to push me to try this..thank you!)

from there I added a few things to the overall nutrient regiment.

During transplants always use myco!

.5ml of power si silica

mammoth p or fish shit (microbe products)

-thew in a few extra bloom boosters like big swell from roots organic.

my last run of the HD Ghost bullet was a breeze and my current run I’m 30 days into flower and running canna coco full line . for my veg plants I’m running the base Lucas formula and the only add on is myco.

here is a thread with a ton more info about lucas formula

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