Masonic Seeds update

so far I’ve got 2 strains going from this seed breeder.

I have the compton landrace and also the guava c99Bx X Tropicana f2 going.The Compton landrace has a bit of a head start and so far is looking really good.I have it growing in Vermont Compost Jolly Roger . Sick company if you have not heard of them.

Anyway , the grow has been nothing out h20 and good soil so far and these are the results.

The guava literally just popped the dirt , one thing I can do for sure is so far I have not gotten a hermi ;) . Here is a shot of the guava crosses . If you have never heard of Masonic seeds aka Masonic smoker he is worth a follow. I see him working closely with some pretty bad ass growers and the way I see it ,they wouldn’t be running his gear if it wasn’t something special.


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