Masonic seeds update- Compton landrace & guava c99 Bx x Tropicana f2

It’s about time for another Masonic seeds update. ive had the Compton landrace and the guava cross going about a month and a half.Since I’ve got so many plants going everything has remained in small pots and am hoping to finish sexing soon.

So so far I have a female Compton landrace and just took my first round of clones off her.

I’m happy with how quickly It grows , its an interesting cross. I asked masonic smoker what was in the cross and this is what he said.

Face Off of i95 Stardawg mac open pollen


The other strain is The guava c99 bx x Tropicana f2 (bred by oni seeds )

if you have not heard of the Tropicana go take a peek! Worth a look. The guava I have going right now doesn’t look so hot but it’s got a pretty crazy structure. For a plant i topped once it’s got a TON of tops.

Stay tuned for the next update , should know if one of these 2 guava’s are females.For more info on masonic gear check out Instagram or some other blog posts.

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