Mid November Grow Update

grow space —veg 4x2x5 flower 4x2x7

lighting - veg-Scynce Led Dragon LP 250

flower-Scynce led Dragon XL 600

nutrients- Roots organics

Big happenings

-og Kush has been chopped , stay tuned for final yield

-discovered thripe larvae in the veg tent . I’m currently treating them with Trifecta crop control .J stopped by the grow shop and they found it was not the most effective against thripes so will buy buying something else Friday to keep on hand.

-clones cut from the mutant , will find out if they take within 2 weeks

Pulse of the grow room

Flower tent -Things are going pretty good overall.the 4 plants that are flowering are doing really well and Have no signs of pest damage.We are early into flower so am treating them with trifecta.

Veg tent- anytime you see pests in the grow room it’s hard not to freak out.This go around I’m not going to freak out but I am going to stay diligent. pest control was not in my regiment by moving foreword it will be . Health wise everyone is looking pretty green but the purple punch are not responding well to trifecta .here are some snapshots and if you have any tips drop them in the comments !

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