Novice Farmer VT Quick Tip For Instagram Growth

This is how you will grow your following -post 10 times a day for 3 months

This is how you choose your audience -think about 3 sets of 15-20 hashtags .

-location based terms

-generic terms (cannabis,pot,wee plant)

-focus terms. (Lighting,nutrients, rosin , etc etc )

Make sure if there is overlap there in these groups it’s very limited overlap.

Once you have your list your going to want to paste them in a notepad so it’s quick and easy to use .

-when you post instead of posting 1 picture post 3 pictures of the same thing (different photos ) and use one set of hashtags per picture.

As far as the caption goes keep it simple , feel free to break up what your saying into those 3 posts.

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