Rosin Fest 2019 Croptober Edition

Just finished up day 2 of rosin fest and have some squishes to report on. Vt organics, and a couple other growers came by with some flower and we Got to pressing. Like woth every rosin fest we started the festivities off by showing off our best buds and passing around the peace pipe.

Ill start off by saying il tracking most of the squishes using . It’s pretty much a program for tracking the press data with an easy to use program. It’s pretty cool and super crucial for getting accurate yields% and dial in your presses.

First up on the press was Vt organics autoflower by Mephisto genetics . The strain is sweet and sour and grown organically in coast of main stonington blend. The first press was a bust , but the second and third press we were ale to juice out about 14-15% yields. I think with more trial and error and more attention To the humidity of the bud we could get that to the 17-18%

Warning! Not a very good picture , maybe Vt organics can send me some pics and I’ll update it later .

overall the strain was really nice. Lives up to its name for sure.

Next up was from Vt organics and it was some dry soft he got from his last harvest. im very green at pressing sift . We used 25u bags from rosin unity and started the temp off at 160 and worked our way up to 180. We did not calculate yield on this one (forgot to weigh starting material) but I feel like I need to get a better method down for pressing that type of material.

After the initial pressing we took a pit stop at the gastro pub down the street and then it was back to pressing. We were going to meet the next contestant at green state Gardner. He had some citrus farmer and some Crushed berries that were both bred by dungeon vault genetics.

we went in with 10 gram presses for both strains. We pre packed the bud in the rosin press newyork pre press. I feel like this makes a huge difference. both the citrus farmer and crushed berries yielded around 16-17%. for a first press situation i was pretty happy with that. This weed was grown organically in a no till living soil mix that the grower mixes up himself. It deffinitly does the job! Buds were dense , colorful and had a lot of bag appeal.

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