Seed update!

Wookies menthol Wilson x moose tracks passed germ test with flying colors and I’ve got plenty of it .

any order that did not specify and had more then 1 pack i have not sent out . I want to be able to send multiple strains but if you were strictly after the wookies menthol Wilson x moose tracks , well then your in luck . hit me up and we will get you squared away .

strains Coming up next

kool aid kush Wilson x moose tracks

papaya cake Wilson x moose tracks

gsc Larry og Wilson x moose tracks

Donatello’s Durag x Wilson

pre order customers get what they picked , if nothing was specified it will be dealers choice.

some big ones were waiting on are

compton landrace “vt cut” x moose tracks

alien orange cookies Wilson x moose tracks

the first cross is culmination of the past years of growing. moose tracks is my favorite strain I’ve grown and was on a different level . seeds are no longer available! Vmcaregiver was a g and gave me his last 5 seeds. So without him and Vermont growers association this would not have happened.

and then the compton landrace like come on man , just go back to another blog , google it , search the hashtag on Instagram. It’s out there. My new nickname for it is “the new purple haze”

and then you have alien orange cookies, that’s a fruity more tropical kush but not overly kushy. when growing it smells a little litrle like a mango. Hard to explain but it’s easy to grow , yields goodz. what do you expect it’s a masonic smoker creation!

give me 2-3 weeks tops and all pre orders will be sent out!

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