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One if the most rewarding parts of growing is helping other people get into it.For me the Reason I grow is to save money and smoke what I want. It’s hard to call marijuana medicinal if you cant get a dm sistabt effect from it.

Being able to grow what you Want let’s you really start to learn what you like to smoke and what works for your particular needs. So far I have grown some Tangi, og cross , and several bag seed randoms. I still have a ways to go before I figure out what I really like.

When K first started growing I cut back on my cannabis use and purchased the equipment I needed. now that I’m 6 months in I have started to save money every month and even if the electricity bill was double it would still be worth it .

I hope the #homegrowrevolution starts to really take off and if there is anything I can do to help other novice farmers drop it in the comments!


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