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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

4x2x5 cool grow tent ,600 watt scynce led dragonxl600, inkbird humidity controls,amazon temp controls

I often get asked if I have any advice on where to get the supplies for a grow tent and information on what to buy. I got asked again today by @thewaterbearer_214 on Instagram and figured I would take the time to make a quick write up. So ya'll can thank him for this .

This list should be good for rooms up to 4x4 , May consider adding more light and or upping ventilation but that's up to you.

Lets start with the light , If you are only going to have 1 tent you want something that is a good all around light. Were going to build this room using a full spectrum led since that is what the majority of people use. Going to give 3 options based on budget .

1-High end option-Dragonxl600 by scynce led . This light has a fully custom light schedule down to the spectrum !This is for anyone wanting the latest and greatest in led technology

2-HLG 100 Quantum Board led 4000K - 2 or 3 of these seem like a good step up from the bloomspect but not going to break the bank. May want to look into larger sizes for larger rooms.

3-Budget Grow-600 watt Bloomspect led , I use 2 300 watt versions in a 4x2 so would consider 2 of the 600 watt versions for a 4x4

Dragon XL 600 , 100 watt HLG 4000k , 600 Watt Bloomspect led

Now onto grow tents , Going to just give 2 options cheap and expensive. I currently have a cool grow tent and it is made pretty well. I think as long as it has metal joints you should be in good shape ! My 2 recommendations would be

1-Cool Grow

2- Gorilla Grow Tent

Lets go right into ventilation, You are going to need fans on the inside of the tent and some ducting with booster fans. Lets start with the fans. You can go with the clip style or get the baller Secret Jardin Fans. Links to both below but what I like about the Secret Jardin fan is the way it clips on. I would go with 2 for a 4x2.

-Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

Link to standard fan

For the ducting and ventilation what you end up with is going to be determined by the holes you have available in the tent. You want your exhaust coming out the top and your intake coming out of the bottom. Check out this picture

It is not perfect but should get your mind thinking about how you want to set up your grow room

Here is a quick list, Fans and ducting. You will need an active intake and active exhaust.If you can push more air into the tent then what is being sucked out to make sure there is positive pressure in the tent. This will make sure your plants have plenty of room in the tent.

6 inch ducting

fan options

And there are the basics ! With what you have above you are off to the races but to really get things going right here are a few more things you can add to the list !

Roots organics Complete Starter Kit!

bug detection/prevention-yellow sticky pads

keep bugs from getting in your fans openings

hang your lights with ease -grow light hanger

Data Tracking

Humidity automation

Temp Laser gun -Optimize your Grow Room Set up

control your exhaust fan based off temp

fan speed controller

Hopefully this is helpfull and if you have any other questions please let me know

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