Spider Mites And How I Plan on Saving The Plants

Thret level would definitely be midnight. The moose tracks are the best plants I’ve grown yet. I’m 26 days sonce flipping to 12/12 and things are looking good. We has already overcame a serious magnesium deficiency so why not spider mites!

I was checking the leaves today and saw some little specs here and there , took a close look with the naked eye but nothing moving. After messing around for a bit in the grow tent I noticed a few damaged leaves with the stereo typical dots on them. At this point I was confident I did not have spider mites.

I plucked a few more leaves and was taking a look and saw a black spec move.I went and got my scope and there it was. An adult spider mite (just got the chills saying that word). I took a look at a smaller white spec under 40X and there it was. I got a spider mite infestation .

I was chatting with a grow bud and he suggested to strip anything with the damaged leaves and surround areas so I did that. Also spent a great deal of time on

After reading that I added another fan and will do what I can to keep the room around 70 degrees.

Being in flower I don’t want to spray much , so will start with just plain old h20 to hopefully get what’s on the plants off.

If you think I should just get ladybugs and spray the plants down with water a ton hit the like button or drop a comment.

Went ahead and ordered a Few products off amazon and Will report back with what’s I end up doing for treatment .

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