Start of making cannabis seeds


Exotic genetix

-Moose tracks


Masonic smoker

-Papaya cake x Wilson

-Guava c99 Bx x tropicanna f2

-Kool aid kush x Wilson

-Donatello’s du-rag

-Wookiee’s menthol x Wilson

-gsc Larry og x Wilson

Tested cuts in the mix

Compton landrace

Alien orange cookies x Wilson

How I chose Moose tracks: friend was going to give me a cut to just flower out because I love the strain but he did not have his mother anymore so instead he gave me 5 seeds That were left in the pack. I tossed them in with the rest of what you see above.

once I had those I decided to say Fuck it and said I’ll hit every female i find from this hunt and my keepers and then we’re shutting down.

so , stay tuned for my first seed drop! Will

have 100 packs ready in 5 or so weeks.

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Wookies menthol Wilson x moose tracks passed germ test with flying colors and I’ve got plenty of it . any order that did not specify and had more then 1 pack i have not sent out . I want to be able to

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