Starting to get a feel of the 10 ton rosin press

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this harvest of samsquanch og bred by mephisto genetics (link below ) . Flavor is very lemony/light and fruity . I’m not getting the traditional kush flavorS I was hoping but overall I’m happy with The strain and I’m very happy with how it presses out on the 10 ton rosin press.

The last strain I was pressing was a total dud , and I couldn’t get it to yield even 5%. I should have Called it quits on the strain earlier but was rally eager to do some rosin pressing. Check our some of the data form the samsquanch og pressing. First yield was 10% , and the last yield was just over 14% .

at first I was not turning the bags inside out and was not stuffing them ham packed. When a i was doing 5 gram presses i felt there was a lot of bag left. Jumping up to 7 grams really helped to fill it out but turning it inside out may be key!

Ive logged a few presses on the ten ton rosin press by Rosin Press Ny .

You can can learn more about it here .

Link to purchase samsquanch og


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