How much stress are you willing to put on your plants? Do you stress them at all? If you have experimented, how did you stress them and what was the outcome?

These are just a few of the questions I too had to ask myself with my first grow. I had read pages of information, but I kept asking myself how much is to much? How much stress can this plant take before I kill it or it herms on me?

Obviously, if you are a novice grower like myself, the last thing I would do is purchase a 10-pack of regs for $100+ and start experimenting. I searched, read others peoples experience with certain seed providers, and purchased accordingly. And I must say, that i couldnt be happier with my purchases thus far.

Anyway, back to stressing, after my last post (way back when) of culling out the males, I did a "heavy" trim on my three girls, took a clone (also for a first time practice) from two of the three, and made the flip to 12/12. Within 10-12 days, two of the three looked as if i hadnt done any trimming to begin with; they had exploded with new fan leaves! So, out came the trimmers and back at it I went. Almost the same exact results from both, two weeks later and they are full of leaves again. All the while, the bud sites starting to form up and glisten, never missing a beat.

Fast forward a few weeks and its time for vacation. The wife and I are set to be gone for 8 days and i have absolutly noone that i can have water the garden while we are away. From my expereince thus far, I knew that i could water them the day we were planning on leaving and they would be good for three days and would need a watering on day 4; and here it was, we would not be due back for 4 more days after.... I was the one at this point who was doing the most stressing.

Vacation came and went/we returned. Of course the first thing i do, is drop my luggage and head straight for the tent. I will admit, I opened the tent and thought i had probably killed at least one if not two. I grabbed my water jug and slowly watered all 3 a total of three times over the next two hours, zipped the tent shut and waited. The next day, literally only 12-18 hours later and two of the three had already come almost 80%'ish back! I was amazed!!! The third had a quite a few more dead fan leaves, but was on its way back to normal as well. After almost three full days of being back, I am amazed at what they have come back from!

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