The Drop Is Live

Thanks to everyone who got in on the pre-sale, went super well, and seems to be leading me down the path of continuing to work on these genetics. I have a good buddy EC Tent City who will be undertaking the first f2 project. It's going to be

( The new x Wilson ) x Moose Tracks

The reason being is in our opinion its got the most potential. Fairly certain he's as big of a kush fan as me and what I'm hoping to come out of this is a hella GSC dom strain since both parents have it. Hoping to have the slight tropical vibe from Wilson pop in there and then if the moose tracks can lay down the frost this is going to just be a super dank kush strain. I guess people consider cookies and kush 2 different things but to me they are family .

Anyyyyway the drop is live! Locals who show up get the first lick at stuff I haven't listed on the site.

Ive also got something called ground score that is explained in the description. Thanks again to everyone who has supported thus far, Big thanks to and hella excited to have peeps like EC TENT CITY UP IN DA BUILDIN

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