The fakest place on the internet-Instagram

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Welcome to the internet where the possibilities are endless and the world is your oyster. This is not a bash on Instagram, more of a rant.

1-the metrics are pretty off, google search what % of traffic on Instagram is from bots. I’m sure you have noticed the accounts that always seem to comment the same thing. These bots are not only inflating numbers but after talking with a buddy who has run a good amount of Instagram advertising felt it was a big enough issue that the way the ads were served up were also being effected. Instagram shows content to similar users based on what someone likes so when a bot is liking and commenting everything Instagram sees that as engagement so it thinks the post is what the other user wants to see and you end up getting hit with an add your like well I’m not a 60 year old woman looking for nursing homes.

2- people are turning into bots, they understand by liking and commenting on other people’s post it’s going to get more eyes on their account . While this is true you have a bunch of users just liking and commenting and shit they could care less about . So how does arhat effect the algorithm?

social media is a place to build your brand a relationship your story , not to sell. if you have built up your Instagram but are nowhere to be found on google someone may discover your product on Instagram but they will more often then not google search the product before they buy and if you don’t have a strategy to show up on these types of searches your company will fall off the face of the earth as soon as instagrams not relevant.

brings me to my last point

3- Real brands are on google. fake brands are on Instagram exclusively . If you can’t find a single thing about that company on google please do your homework before ordering.Any legitimate brand on Instagram will have a website.

main reason for posting this is to try to get people moving off of Instagram and onto the most searched platform on earth. Google

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