Tips on grow tent ventilation

In this quick blog your going to find a few tips and tricks on improving your grow tents ventilation. Im not only going to talk about intakes and exhaust but also circulation fans because they all come into play when dealing with grow room ventilation.

In the first picture you see above were in my flower tent. This fan is set to kick on at a set temperature. Currently set to 82. At this point it becomes really important to have adequate airflow. Ideally my humidity would be higher in here by I get mega paranoid about having mold issues from improper ventilation in the grow tent.

The air moving over the buds help prevent mold and the buds just like getting airflow. If you poke your head i to your grow tent and smell mold/must you know you need to make some adjustments.

In my flower tent I have my intake fan on 24/7 and I’m currently using the ac infinity 6 inch fan (link below) the fan moves some air, that’s for exhaust only kicks on during high heat situations so it sometimes goes a good while without coming on.

For my veg tent I’ve got 2 flower filters running 24/7 exhausting the tent. This is something I want to start doing for my flower tent as well .Its just one extra step to making sure the grow room conditions stay optimal. In addition to the flower filters i have an 8 inch intake running 24/7.To wrap up the ventilation i. That tent I have an emergency 6 inch fan that kicks on during high heat situations.This fan rarely turns on And I may consider adding it to the flower tent as a Secondary intake. It would kick on when the emergency exhaust kicks on to prevent the tent from crushing the plants.

In addition to the intake and exhaust filters it’s super important to have multiples fans going inside the tent as well to prevent any stagnant air.

Hopefully this helps give you an idea on how to set up your ventilation

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