Update , tent full of possibilities

Midway through week 6 , some plants are starting to fade , going to take them as long as I can to try to get the most out of them .

as some of you know I had the Issue with the payment account , it looks like all refunds have gone though , I’m only waiting on 6 or so people to repay and I’ll follow up with them individually in a week or so.

out of the tent the wookies menthol Wilson crosses surprised me the most . They seem like they are going to be a colorful bunch and just have a nice sweetness to them . There’s also a ton of cookies in these genetics and you will deff smell that too. Overall pretty stoked for this run. As Always it’s not perfect but it will do just fine!


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Rough info about seeds

These are f1s , there will be a lot of variety in what you get. My recommendation is to pop the whole pack and run every female . If you see something hardcore behind , cut it loose. Its Worth it to

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