Ways to avoid being shadow banned on Instagram

I’ve been doing a ton of research into this topic over the past 6 months and wanted to share some info I thought would help prevent this from happening to you.

There are some behaviors you have to 100% stay away from and should never even consider. They may grow your Instagram following but can do more harm then good in the long run.

1-repetitive hashtags , make sure you have 3-5 sets of hashtags and you alternate each post. Using the same hashtags over and over is a surefore way to put yourself of the “spam radar” .

2-posting too often , this will contribute to the spammy behavior so try to limit posting to about 3 posts per “session”

3-anything automated , stay away from anything that doesn’t require you putting on the time. Those apps that promise big growth are a joke.

Beware of banned hashtags, you know , the ones that when’s you go to Instagram won’t show you the content. I am so guilty of this one. I would get lazy and not check every hashtag and a month later you find out your setting yourself up to be shadow banned.

its not all bad , take this as a time to hit reset and rethink your strategy.


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