What Do I Need To Know Before Growing Weed In Canada

On October 17th weed will be legal in Canada . Each household will be allowed to have 4 plants . I am sorry to say that if you live in the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba you will not be allowed to . Not sure why but apparently there is a little bit to it . Its a big move and people are rushing to the inter web to gear up. An interesting fun fact is you can fly domestically with up to 30g's. That's plenty to keep you stoned while traveling .

Some common questions some people may have are

' what do I need to start growing weed "

"when is the outdoor growing season in Canada "

" Where to find grow supplies in Canada "

"What companies ship seeds to Canada "

Here is what I found !

-If your new to growing check out my grow tent shopping lest blog post !

-The grow seasons are going to vary greatly but the best thing you can do is have an indoor grow set up that way you can have some good sized plants ready to plant for when the season starts.

-As far as where to buy supplies just do a quick google search " hydroponics store near me " and you should be lead to the mecca of cannabis growing gear .

A sure fire way to ensure your grow starts off without a hitch is to go with some genetics that are tried and true . They may not have flavors like "Christmas cookie pies breath " but they have all the classics !

I was sitting here tonight chatting with @gypsyleader on Instagram and he helped me put most of this info together so wanted to thank you. He is geared up and ready to go for legalization this October. Congrats Canada !

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