What is the infamous Compton Landrace Strain by Masonic Smoker

compton landrace is an open pollination Project including the following

Face off og i-95 stardawg banana og papaya tropicanna f2 mac from seed crossed to a peanut butter breath Male.

breakdown of lineage (check with Masonic Smoker To confirm Lineage)

Every female yo get has the potential to be very different. Im at day 46 on my Compton landrace and I haven't gone in for a good whiff lately but last time I did it was hazey/Kushy . The plant grows like a sativa dominant plant.Very quick growth , Doesn't require much topping or training. Even before I started letting the grow drop down in temp we started seeing purple but now that were coming to the end and the color is really coming out,

Face Off og



Banana Og


Tropicanna F2


Peanut Butter Breath


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