What To Expect At Rosin Fest!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Here’s an outline of what to expect at Rosin Fest.

Location: Green State Gardener, Pine St, Burlington, VT

Date: Saturday, Dec 7th @5pm-9pm

Entrance Cost

Participant: $30 (limit 35)

Spectator: $10 (limit 15)

50% of the ticket sale proceeds go to your choice of the following charities:

Vermont Cancer Society

All Breed Rescue

How To Reserve Your Spot:

Call or visit Green State Gardener - they are set up to take ticket payments for this event. Phone number: 802-540-2097

For participants who don’t already have flower to press, there will be CBD flower available to purchase.


We will start with signing your life away via disclaimer forms so that you can operate the presses (yes, there will be multiple).

Then we will do a brief review of how to pack the bags. If you want to jump right to pressing, you don’t have to use a bag, but we will talk about why you may or may not care to. We will have trays for you to work in, and plenty of bags - so don’t worry if you mess up!

Once your bag is ready, you'll get instruction on the press and you will be off to the races.

Pro Tip - Come see me in Burlington to get some Boveda 62 packs. There’s tons of data showing that the humidity of the bud can greatly affect yields.

The goal is to get everyone packing and then we can have an informal Q&A. There’s usually tons of questions - try to pay attention to other people’s questions because it’s a great opportunity to learn!

That’s really what Rosin Fest is all about in a nutshell: getting down with some people who love cannabis and learning about rosin.

Feel free to create an account on! It’s our primary way of tracking and logging our squishes.

Get hella baked before you come, CBD dabs will be allowed at the event, but no THC dabs. Please respect these rules so that we can continue having events like this.

Thank you - see you on 12/7! #rosinfest

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