Whats the best way to flush my weed plants?

If you google search the term “how to flush your cannabis plants” your going to get a bunch of conflicting information. You have a group of people who believe in flushing , a group of people that don’t , and then another group that is on the fence (me) .

while I believe flushing is necessary , I you have to run massive amounts of water through the soil.On my last grow I flushed wth gallons upon gallons of water. The ash was white and flavor good , but was all that flushing needed?

It was a soil grow grow and I was growing organically . If you haven’t heard of it check out Coast of Maine Soil.Its a “water only“ soil. If you are about to grow an autoflower , you could stick it in a 5 gallon of this soil and be set! Anyway , back to flushing , I’m now growing in coco and have just been on a water only for the last week and have another 1-2 weeks left to go. Im starting to see the plants fade a little bit and am looking forward to finishing off flushing with this style.

Prior to cutting back nutrients 100% I was feeding with cannazyme and some cal mag. In the past I’ve had plants fade out way too early and I’m hoping I’m finding a good middle point here.

Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix.

Cannazyme info

more flushing information over at

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