Why Do I Have To PH My Water When Working With Cannabis

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Strain is Crocketts Tangi

My first weed plant would not stand up on its own for almost 45 days. It was not until I went to the local hydroponics store where I got schooled on the importance of PH and cannabis.

One day I eagerly went into the weed garden store hoping they could help me with my plants. The first question I got was " whats going on with the ph of the plant ?" .........Well shit idk . I figured since he was a pro he could figure out what was wrong just by looking at it . I was wrong.

The reason i track data as much as I do for my cannabis is because it tends to tell a more accurate story of whats going on.Things get fuzzy in memory so if when someone asks you about environmental conditions and PH and what you have been feeding and when it is going to go a long way towards helping diagnose your issues. I am going to stay focused on the PH aspect for the sake of this blog post and if you have any questions about data tracking send me a message or email and will be happy to dive into it .

The Reason Why We Have To Pay Attention To PH.

going to stay pretty light as far as information so if you want to go deeper into any of this stuff just send me a message. The plant can only uptake nutrients within a certain range on the ph scale, Familiarize yourself with the image below !

General Hydroponics Nutrient Availability

So hopefully now we can understand that if the ph is too low or too high then the plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs. So now your probably asking yourself

"How do I test the water for cannabis"

"What do i use to raise and lower the ph of water for cannabis"

"What grow methods don't require oh balancing"

In this post ill answer the first 2 .

How To Test The PH Of Water

Lets start with the product and then how to use it , Its pretty simple but if you want to live chat with me the first time you do it i am more then happy to do that.

Link to general hydroponics ph kit.

Step 1) take sample you are testing and put in the little vial . Make sure if it was been sitting for a little bit you mix it up before taking your sample.

Step 2) Drop 3-5 drops of the ph indicator into the vial and shake

Step 3 ) Does the sample look like healthy piss ? If it does then we are good to go

Quick Guide On How To PH Water For Cannabis

I really hope this helps everyone and would love to continue the discussion in the comments and use this page as a resource for all things ph !

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