Why Do I Track Data ?

TLDR: Its because I don't Know what I am doing

Growing weed is not "hard" but it is not easy. When I first started I did not think it was anywhere near as complicated as it actually was. When your growing weed you have to make sure you water your plants correctly. Its so easy to over water or under water your plants. Give too much too little or just not the right blend of nutrients. Every new grower hits a point where they need help. And that's where the data comes in.

If you are looking for help with your grow follow this template at the end of the blog post and you will find you get to your answer a lot quicker!

The more accurate the information you give the easier it will be to diagnose whats wrong. I am using data trackers to track all of this info for me . I am using the pulse sensor and the lacrosse mobile alerts system. Once I have more time with the pulse i will write a detailed blog post about it . I chose to move to the Pulse from the la cross for a few reasons but the main reason is the reliability and the cannabis focus of the pulse .

Being able to bring the data to an expert is the number 1 reason I track data . The number 2 reason is because it helps me to visualize the rooms environment. I am a visual learner so being able to look at the graphs helps to diagnose what is causing my environmental issues much quicker then If iI was just looking at the numbers on a table .

I hope this helps encourae everyone to start tracking their grow data more . I promise it will only help you get better !

Novice Farmer Grow Help Questioner

1- What was the ph and ppm of the last feeding

2-What was the ph and ppm of the runoff

3-How are you measuring ph and ppm ( this question is just as important as the previous 2 )

4- Tell me a little bit about the grow , are you in a tent room , outdoors ?

5- What is the relative humidity and temperature

6- High and low for environmental conditions

If you are going to ask for someones times be sure to spend some time of your own gathering this information . link to the Pulse !

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