Scynce Led X Novicefarmervt

Was it a match made in heaven ? I think so  , but it was more of a match made on Instagram . Within the first month or so of growing I had started chatting it up with Grant over at Scynce led . We seemed to share a lot of the same concepts when it came to data and growing. At the time there were no growers using their Dragon XL 600 in a 4x2 tent so that's where Scynce stepped in and they helped take my grow to the next level. compared to the lighting I was using I saw a dramatic increase in the overall health of my plants and have  not even really begun cracking into this lights capabilities. 

Scynce Led surprised me with the Dragon LP 250 in October for my veg tent so in a few months ill have my first plants that were grown with  this set up and cant wait to see the difference.

If you have any questions please reach out and am happy to help answer any questions you have about my experience growing with Scynce!