Vegging Your Cannabis Plants

It is up to you how long the veg cycle is . It is going to mostly depend on your space and your patience . You can decide to fill a 4x2 grow tent with 2 big plants you veg for 2-3 months or 6 small plants you do 12/12 light cycle from seed.Here you will find some basic tips that should get you through this part of the process.


Light Cycles | Pot Size | Training

Here you will learn a bit about some aspects of this cycle of life .

How long to Leave Lights On During Vegetative Period ?

As you read deeper into this topic you will find there are many different answers but a generally acceptable answer is 16 hours per day . Make sure you have a reliable timer . If it is summer time make sure your lights on period is at nights to help combat summer heat .

What Size Pot Should I Use For My Marijuana Plant?

The bigger the better ! This is pretty true when it comes to the pot world. You can start vegging in a 1 gallon but  make sure to get it into at least a 3 gallon pot before flowering. For the people filling a 4x2 with 2 plants you will want some pretty big pots to accommodate the roots. The bigger the roots the bigger the fruits !

What is Light Stress Training For Cannabis ?

This is a few different techniques all geared towards getting bigger yields and growing the plant to better suite its environment. the light is coming down from the top of the plant so we want to make the canopy as even as possible. Taking advantage , Tying down ,bending and  topping or fimming .

Make sure the plant is getting enough fresh air , You want to make sure you have fans positioned over and around the canopy .As far as watering goes if you think its wet give it another day. I feel like that plant bounces back quicker from an under watering situation then an over watering one. Keep an eye on room environment but to be around that 76-83 degrees and 50-60% relative humidity is pretty good! your going to roll like this for 3 weeks to as long as you really want . Next up is flowering and is probably the most exciting part.

Brief Intro To Nutrients  

Some simple lessons I learned the hard way

Less Is More for Cannabis Nutrients

When you start giving your plants nutrients be sure to have everything you need to test PH and TDS or EC. We have to test the PH because the plant can only uptake nutrients within a certain finite range. Testing TDS or total dissolved solids is basically measuring the strength of your solution. Start small  and pay close attention after feedings . If your grow is a #datapoweredgrow it should  be very easy to learn from your mistakes!

What Type Of Nutrients To use For Cannabis And When ?

You will see 3 numbers on a lot of the products in this realm commonly displayed like 2-0.25-2 . These are referring to Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), And Potassium (K)   . During the Veg Cycle the plant will rely heavily on Nitrogen. You will be able to tell when your plant is nitrogen deficient because it will start to fade to a lighter shade of green . The plant can almost turn a yellow green if it gets bad enough.As far as how much to feed refer to your nutrient companies guide.

Help , My plants tips are burned and leaves are curing in !

These symptoms are clear signs of nutrient overdose . At this point get 2-3 gallons of water , Depending on the size of the pot it may take more or less water. But the goal here is to keep watering the plant until the water going in is the same as the water coming out of the bottom. Measure this with your PPM/EC pen and PH stick or drops.For  example water in  was 75ppm 6.0ph. When I test immediate runoff PPM is 300+ but as the fresh water ran through it dropped it down to 100ppm


Sick Plant?

Feel free to ask any questions about the veg cycle and if your struggling with a plant let me know whats going on and will do what I can to help

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Learn About How To Care For A Flowering Marijuanna Plant Next!

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